High School Musical!

By: Amber Dawson

The Cudahy High School has been having musicals for many years. Last year, the musical was Seussical the Musical. This year, students will be performing a popular Disney movie called High School Musical on Stage!

According to Mr. Plehn, CHS music director, High School Musical is a, “Modern day adaptation of the musical Grease”. Plehn adds, “The purpose of the musical is to let students come and have fun, be able to interact with other students, and just enjoy themselves”.

The theater advisors choose the musical based on what students like and what they are interested in. “My goal for the musical is to sell out on all the shows,” said Mr.Plehn. “If your riding past the school on these days (February 26,28, and March 4,5) why not just pull up to the school and stay for one of the plays,” said Mrs. Damitz-Leigler, CHS stage manager. You can expect a lot of fun upbeat musical numbers and a script that you will hopefully recognize.

If you’re wondering who is in charge and what they will be doing in the musical, “The teachers helping out are Ms. Smith (Choreography), Mrs. Damitz-Liegler (Stage Manager), Ms. Bruening (Piano), Ms. Bonkalski (Bass, Asst. Pit Director). We have one other staff outside the building also, we have Mr. Al Liegler (Stage Direction)” says Mr.Plehn.

The lead roles in the musical are Alex St. Louis as Troy Bolton, Ashley Dey as Sharpay, Isaiah Hejdak as Ryan and Adamaris Mustafa as Gabriella.

Would you want to see your friends act funny or stage or play your favorite movie? Then go see the musical! They are preparing for the musical now January and February. March will be the day it happens. Help them sell out on tickets!


Playing With Clay: A Look Into Ceramics Club

By: Michael Hierl

There is a new club here at CHS for students to enjoy. Ceramics Club is bringing the art of ceramics to students outside of school hours. This is a great way for students to enjoy and create art without joining a class or students who can’t fit art into their schedule.

Ceramics Club members attend meetings every Wednesday after school. According to junior, Jade Mai, “As we gradually get into more creating, the meeting usually consists of a review of the types of materials to use and how, and then we get busy to work!”

A big reason why many students joined was to be able to make things with there hands. Sophomore, Sofia Lopez, is excited to, “make things she can put in her bedroom” and she says she loves ceramics because she loves, “being able to create things…and learning about everything”.

Junior, Cassi Fricke, says her favorite part of Ceramics Club is that, “Ms. Hildebrand lets you create whatever your heart desires and it’s a very relaxing atmosphere because you are surrounded by friends”.

To people who are thinking about joining Ceramics Club sophomore, Samanta Toczyl, advises fellow students to, “just do it, there no shame in trying” telling the Packer Press that, “meetings are fun and that the learning process is not as boring as it seems”.

For more information on Ceramics Club and how to join, you can talk to Mrs. Hilebrand or any member of Ceramics Club for more information.

Signature-Airlines Murals

By: Johanna Storm

For about a year and a half, the AP art students of CHS have been working on a mural for Signature-Airlines, a private airline for Milwaukee sports teams and other private flights. Mrs. Cutts, the art teacher, is the head of this project. “The company came and said they wanted the theme to be the three sports teams that use the airline, the final layout was designed by a CHS graduate Adrian Pabst,” says Cutts.

Since this project is for the AP students, it gives them a chance to show off all of their skills. When asked if she thinks this is a good opportunity for her students, Cutts responded with, “It was a great opportunity for the students, it was great to have them experience a long time project and get that kind of gratification.” The students kept themselves motivated by seeing their time and effort on this mural start to come together.

This was a great way for CHS art students to show off their talents, and allow many people to be able to enjoy their work. Although a long process, the murals are completed and ready for the airline to pick up. Cutts is proud of her students, and happy with their work. Congratulations to all of the AP art students for their contribution on this mural, your hard work has payed off!  

Spanish Trip to Spain

By: Gloria Nancy Medina

Spain is one of the world’s oldest cultures with a rich heritage that has influenced entire continents. The idea of going to Spain, exactly 4,159 miles away from Wisconsin, may seem like a scary thought for some people, but for others, this may seem like an opportunity to escape the same old life everyone has and try something new, kind of like an adventure, at least for one week.

Spain has music of all kinds, from flamenco to rock, jazz to classical, is extremely popular there and an essential ingredient of any festival or fiesta.Spain has a wealth of traditional folk music and dance, particularly flamenco and classical guitar, which are popular throughout the country.

There is no tooth fairy in Spain. Instead, the Spanish have a legend called ‘Ratoncito Perez’ who exchanges children’s teeth for gifts.The second largest city is Barcelona,(after Madrid) which is located in Catalonia. Mount Teide is the highest mountain in Spain (3718 m, 12198 ft) and an active volcano.At last, Spain has so many great things and places to visit!

Students who will have at least a level 2 of Spanish by the summer of 2017 are eligible to go on a trip to Spain to use their Spanish in an authentic environment. One of our Spanish teachers here at CHS, Mrs.Kintop, shares some information with a reporter of The Packer Press, “Students learning a second language need authentic opportunities to practice their skills. The purpose of this trip is to allow them to do so.”

Some of the places that will be visited while on this trip include Salamanca, Toledo, Avila, Madrid and Sevilla. Where will the student’s be staying/sleeping? Getting more into depth, Mrs.Kintop replied with, “Students will be paired with a “buddy” before we leave on the trip. They will stay in a hotel room with this person for the trip.”

Still not sure if going to Spain is such a good idea? Don’t know if there are limits? The only restrictions that there are existing right now according to Mrs.Kintop are, “The restrictions for the trip are that the student must have completed Level 2 Spanish by the end of next year. Students doing poorly in Spanish class should think about whether or not a trip to Spain is really for them. The goal of the trip is to be able to communicate in Spanish. Students doing poorly in other classes will be considered on a case-by-case basis.”

The cost of this trip is  approximately $2,800. “If a student does not have enough money to pay upfront, massive fundraising efforts have already started and they should participate in those!” exclaimed Mrs.Kintop, followed by another bit of information, “The basic requirements of the trip are that students going will have completed at least level 2 of Spanish by the summer of 2017.” So if a student would like to go on the trip, it’s not so hard to be able to do so.

Both Mrs.Kintop and Mrs.Ruether have more information about the trip to Spain but if you would like to get more into detail about it, Mrs. Kintop would help a little better. Also if you want to get in the spirit for this trip then there is nothing better than to join us in Spanish movie night! There will be one On January, for more information contact Mrs.Ruether in room 147 or Mrs.Kintop in rom 146.

Boy’s Basketball

By: Jacqueline Langer

Cudahy High School freshman boy’s basketball team are excited to advance to the next level of basketball.

Justin Dusso, the freshman coach, when asked, ‘Are you nervous about this season? Why or Why not?’ He answers with “Yes, because it was my first time as a coach. I couldn’t ask for a better group of freshman.”

Coach Dusso feels that the boy’s need to work on man defense, team defense, and rounding. They need to get out of the habit of zoning like they learned in middle school. Dusso feels the freshman act as a family.

Dusso says, “They act like brothers at times, goof around, little timid at times, but I feel they play as a family.” He think’s the boy’s are ready to play, “They are ready to beat somebody else than each other in practice.”

Freshman Julien Krogman, a beginner on the team, feels the coach pushed the boys a lot this year. Krogman feels that the coach has become comfortable for the team.

When being asked, ‘How do you think the boys get along with each other, do you all act like brother’s, as a family, or just as teammates?’ Krogman responds with, “Like a family, Coach makes us be like a family.”

When asked, ‘Do you feel comfortable with the other boys?’ His response is, “Yeah, I’ve been with them on other sports.”

When talking about the goals for this season Krogman’s personal answer was to be better and learn from past mistakes. The team goal of this year is to win the basketball games, home and away.

Not only is basketball popular with freshman, but it is also popular with the upperclassman. Coach Conrad, the varsity coach, says the seniors are really close, and the entire group as a whole is much closer than any other year.  

Conrad is very confident, and has been with the boys for four years now. They don’t have any special warm-up, it has been the same for the past 3 years now. He now has 2 new boys on the varsity team.

Derrick Brooks, a junior, and Mykael Ignaszak, also a junior, joined the team this year. The rest of the players are all seniors, except for one other junior are returning to the team. Conrad says “Losing the 8 seniors is going to be a big loss, but juniors can pick it up, and others.”

Flicks to Catch Over Winter Break

By: Danyele Bowling

How about a movie to entertain you for your holiday break? You have lots of genres to pick from, and there are so many movies to choose from this time of year, with there being a Holiday right around the corner.

One good movie to check out would be The 33.  The 33 is a movie about the horrific event that happened on August 5th, 2010, when a mine collapsed and trapped 33 men for 69 days. The movie follows more on the town, family, and friends to see how they are taking the news, and how they’re coping and dealing with the situation.  The 33 is rated PG 13 and is a drama/ biography.  It has very impressive reviews and critics find it to be one of the most touching movies of the year. Rolling stones says that it’s “Well staged”.

Are you a Hunger Games fan?  Well if so, then you’re in luck. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 is now out in theaters as well. Katniss Everdeen, is back with part 2, to continue her journey. She decides to leave district 13 in attempt to hunt down President Snow who’s trying to stop the rebels in their attempt to create peace.  For those of you who haven’t seen the other movies yet,  I won’t be a spoiler.  You’ll just have to make sure to check out the other movies before you see this one. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 is also PG 13 and is a fantasy/science fiction film. Be sure to check them out.

Off Season Training

By: Emily Ergen

At conference, going and competing are two different things; going to conference just means showing up and playing/performing a certain sport; but competing actually means putting up a competition and having goals to accomplish as team.

Training in the off season will raise Cudahy’s chances of competing in conference instead of just showing up. Competing can be much more fun because the drive to win gives athletes the drive to play harder. Training in the off season is key to being a good athlete and having a good season. According to iyca.org, one of the many pros to training in the off season is the conditioning work done to the aerobic system provides the base for the higher-intensity demands to come in the pre-season and competitive seasons.

Mr. Wasikowski, CHS football coach, explains, “This year we doubled our winnings and that’s because more kids last year did train off season.” Wasikowski saw improvement in the football team this year when compared to last year, but he also says that training in the off season is more than just improving yourself, he also say, “The thing kids over look is kids work out with other teams mates to build a camaraderie and build a relationship with them.“

Mr. Conrad, the CHS boy’s basketball coach, believes that training off season better prepares athletes for the on season. When asked about patterns in athletes who don’t train off season Conrad says, “It takes them a lot longer to get into shape; I’ve noticed those who play a fall sport are in way better shape.” Conrad also had some advice to give to those who want to train off season- “Having someone with you to keep you motivated because if you are by yourself it is easy to lose motivation.”